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College Art Show 2020

Rising Tides

After studying the work of Chinese artist Cai Guo-Qiang the boys ventured to The Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane to view one of his works, ‘Heritage’ in person. Inspired by this work, the boys have juxtaposed various animals in unfamiliar environments to represent the journey that these animals may have made before reaching this ‘last paradise’. This is also reflected in their clay boats which were designed to portray their own metaphorical journeys. Following this, the Year 8 boys explored the concept of Appropriation and ‘The Power of Images’ and from this they created their own appropriation of  ‘American Gothic’ by Grant Wood.

Aaron R

Adam B

Adam K

Adam L

Adrian W

Alex C

Alex McK

Alexander Ba

Alexander Bra

Alexander Bru

Alexander G

Alexander J

Alexander W

Angus M

Angus S

Anthony N

Archie D

Archie M

Ari B

Ashton T-R

Atticus M

Austen N

Austen X

Benjamin E

Benjamin V

Caiden J

Charlie C

Charlie Fl

Charlie Fr

Charlie R

Charlie W

Christian P S

Christopher G

Conor H

Conrad S

Cooper B-H

Cooper M

Cormac T

Daniel D

Daniel G

Daniel L

Daniel W

David T

David W

Declan S

Deep M

Derin O

Dowhan K

Edward C

Edward D

Ethan McE

Ethan P

Ethan S

Ethan T

Felix G

Fin E

Finnegan S

Fred A

Fredrik G-B

George P

Gerald T

Hamish S L

Harrison I

Harrison W

Harry D

Harry T

Hemish D

Henry H

Hugh McN

Hugh S

Hunter C

Ian H

Isaac M

Jack A

Jack G

Jack M

Jacob A

Jake W

James B

James C

James H

James P

Jason J

Jayden T

Joe Y

Joel McG

John S

Jonathan L

Jonathan O'R

Jonty E

Joseph W

Joshua L

Joshua P

Junpeng H

Kavith De S

Kaylen T

Kit L

Lachlan R

Lachlan S

Langanai M

Leo G

Levi G

Lewis Ge

Lewis Gi

Liam K

Llewellyn H

Lorcan W

Loukas W

Lucas E

Mac C

Matthew Hend

Matthew Henr

Matthew O

Matthew S

Max J

Maxwell C

Maxwell R

Michael Y

Miguel B

Miles B

Mitchell G

Morgan D

Nathan A

Nathan B

Ned W

Nicholas R

Noah A

Noah B

Oscar W

Owen McP

Peekay C


Raphael S

Ryan McL

Ryan S

Sam L

Sam Wi

Sam Wo

Samson K

Samuel Co

Samuel K

Samuel McA

Sean B

Sebby T

Seth H

Shravanth P R

Simon L

Simon W

Soda B

Stanley K

Stephen P

Sunwoo P

Ted B

Temujin H

Theodore F

Thomas B

Thomas C

Thomas F

Thomas H

Thomas Ro

Thomas Ru

Thomas W

Timothy G

Toby A

Tomasz C

Tony G

Tony M

Tyler M

Wade S

Will Co

William Cr

William P

William Rob

William Rog

William S

William T

Zacchary McK

Zack F