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College Art Show 2020

Rising Tides

Year 6 works focused on several themes in 2020. The initial theme of  ‘Water’ took inspiration from the ‘Water’ exhibition held at Goma. This was followed with ‘Self’, which begun during online learning – a perfect time for reflection. Broadening the boys’ attention to issues of their country, the book ‘Rabbit Proof Fence’ governed the compositional elements and mood of the acrylic paintings.

Alex R

Alexander A

Alexander C

Alexander M

Alroy L

Andy Z

Angelus A

Archie R

Arjun B

Ashaaz S

Austin C

Balthazar B

Baxter S

Benjamin H

Brayden E

Cameron S

Campbell B

Campbell P

Charlie B

Charlie P

Connor D

Declan C

Dhugal M

Dylan J

Edward P

Elijah M

Emosi T

Ethan B

Ethan R

Finn R

Fraser G

Gabriel McD

George McN

Hamish D

Hamish M-J

Hamish W

Harry B

Harry H

Harry McP

Henry F

Hugh D

Huxley H

Isaac W

Jack B

Jagger T

James C

Jerry J

Joe C

Joshua W

Julian McK

Khush P

Lachlan H

Lachlan M

Lachy B

Leroy B

Lucas L

Luke A

Marcus G

Martin X

Massimo M

Matthew S

Matthew W

Max W

Max Z

Maxxwell B

Nicholas R

Nick B

Oliver M

Reuben F

Rupert G

Ryan W

Ryder McF

Sam S

Shivam P

Stirling S

Thasiru P

Tim R

Will E

William B

William B

William Y

Xander S

Xavier S

Zander B