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College Art Show 2020

Rising Tides

During Term 1, the Year 4 boys focused on Cai Guo-Qiang’s installation ‘Heritage’. They explored how water interacts with different mediums; creating an artwork of an animal of their choice from the exhibition. Term 2 saw boys learn how to draw in the style of various cartoonists and illustrators, before focusing specifically on the work of Chris Hutchinson aka ‘Chippy’. They then created their own characters in a similar vein. Term 3 saw boys study the work of Indigenous artist Jackie Giles and use his piece ‘Tjamu Tjamu’ as inspiration for their own monochromatic painted pieces.

Alex Z

Alexander L

Alexander R

Atti K

Ayden K

Bryan S

Campbell W

Charles H

Charlie F

Chase C

Chengze D

Christopher McK

Curtis K

Darcy S

Ethan H

Ethan M

Fergus M-F

Ferrell D

Finn C

Flynn C

Fraser H

George S

Gus L

Hamish O

Hamish W

Han T

Harry K

Henry K

Hugo K

Jack F

Jack L

James G

James McN

Jonathan Z

Joseph S

Joshua P

Lachlan P

Liam A C

Lucas D

Mason A

Mason H

Matthew B

Miles E

Oliver H

Oscar G

Riley G

Sebastian M

Sidney D

Steven G

Tom G

Valentino A

William K

Xavier W

Yuvraj C