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College Art Show 2020

Rising Tides

The Year 2 boys started the year by creating painted papers, which they then made into collages. Term 2 saw them using Greg Abbott’s monster illustrations as inspiration to make their own characters, which they drew then printed with foam board. In Term 3 the boys learned how to create secondary colours in paint. They studied the work of Indigenous Artist, Tommy Mitchell and used his work as inspiration for their own pieces.

Asher M-R

Bailey G

Brighton X

Charlie L

Chris L

Clement L

Evan V

Hamish M

Jack W

James K

Jameson L

Jerry D

Kiyan J

Lachlan H

Liam B


Myles B

Oliver P

Parker C

Ryan H

Sean Ti

Sean Ts

Sonny B

Thien-Khoi T

Tobias N

Tom N

William B

Winston Z