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College Art Show 2020

Rising Tides

For our Year 1 boys, Term 1 work was based on the ‘Water’ exhibition, held at GOMA. The boys made a variety of painted papers which they then turned into collages. During Term 2, the boys learned how to create drawings from 2D shapes using pencil, marker, oil pastel and liquid watercolour, as well as engaging in some printmaking. In Term 3, the boys learned how to create secondary colours in paint. They studied the work of Indigenous Artist, Miriam Baadjo and used her work as inspiration for their own.

Alex C

Alexander Y

Andy H

Blake T

George L

Hayden L

Henry R

Henry S

Jacob S

Jamie N

Jeremy H

John McC

Joshua K

Kiren W

Leo B

Lucas G

Michael B

Miller M

Shaun Z

Soma Y

Zayaan S