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College Art Collection

Bisset Gallery

The Bisset Gallery is dedicated to the memory of Old Collegian Philip Yeats Bisset (20August 1921 – 21 September 2010) 

Brisbane Boys’ College has been very fortunate in receiving the Phil Bisset bequest which includes a substantial art collection of more than 500 artworks including a number of tapestries made by Phil.

Phil Bisset (OC 1939) was a highly regarded Queensland architect who had a distinguished working career and was responsible for many of our hospitals, municipal and community buildings. He entered the College in Year 9 and was the only art student at BBC in 1937.

The College’s Bisset collection is best described as eclectic, in the sense that it contains a broad range of subjects and media, including sculptures and furniture, with pieces from Australia and abroad. It also contains some significant works by well known Queensland artists. In accepting this bequest it has become the responsibility of the College to fulfill the wishes of Phil Bisset and to ensure that the collection is preserved and grows as a valuable asset and educational resource for future generations of BBC boys.

It was Phil Bisset’s wish that this generous gift would be of benefit to all students, inspire passion for Visual Arts, and ultimately help facilitate a  Visual Arts learning space at Brisbane Boys’ College.

Brett Whitely

Dick Roughsey

Donald Friend

Graeme Inson

Graeme Inson

John Rigby

Kenneth MacQueen

Lawrence Daws

Margaret Olley

Miles Hall

Nuccio Fontanella

Peter Anderson

Ralph Wilson

Ray Crooke

Sam Fullbrook

Sir Lionel Lindsay

Sir Sydney Long